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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 16, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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this eat caa quiikly a code red" ay in the city,,i withhresiddnts eing urged to take extra care during he day.. joelld..smith is thhy are already seeing an innrease in patients due to the heat. good morning joel d. -- how does it feee 3 pes... it doesn't taae long guyss t's unbelievvbbe how hottii is already. iican't in a few hhurs when the unn s reallyycooking us. thht's why you don't end up in ere.
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here.just like waiting untill yoo are in the sun to put on sunscreen... remember tt drink watee all day... even if yoo don'ttfeel thirstyy youu body is orking very hard o know it or not. seekinn shade and airrcondiiiooing is great... but many people liie these valet drivers aae outside moss of the day,,so hyyrated is kee.ssnai hhspital visiting the e-r with heat week progresses numbers re - expected to double. early signs of ddhydration aae feeling lightheeddd, tired, somm nusea,,oo even are past tte oint of eat f yo experiencing heat strrke... ((sott dr..wwseem ellhallbi)))- like heet strrke, he mortality rate is 20 percent.> percent.> ii you can't get meddcal elp riggt aay... in he cold showerr.. anything as uily as possible.
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sennorrceeners are open... even an umbrrlll. there nn - have been 4 heat related -&dea in norrh baltimmrr, joelld. smith, fox 45 morning nees. you cannsee an hour-by-houu the w-----f weather uthority ppanner and our powerffl radar, whhch lets you zoom down to your strrett o sse when everr eaahhe is free... just ssarch w-b---f inn free... o et staated.b---f inn &pspeaking out his morning-- robert anddgladys immermaa spoke with -b-c's barbara poom this weekend wwen the
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jury founddtteir onnnot guilty.theei first encountee with hii after tth news.... his mom... zimmerman told her & to go home.walters also asked &pmiids of maay...een on the - 3&((alters)is yourrson george a raciit?absolutelyy nt - he's nevvr beee taughh to be a raccs. racist.zimmerman's parents say they areedeeply sorrr for the ttageed and they're praying forrtrayvon.robert and gladys whereetheii ssn is hiddng... - him out of fear their ccnversaaion ould be their son may be a free man... put george zimmerman isn't outt offthe woodd just yet. offthe woodd jusett.he federal weigging ossible action. pvrdict..e iscusseddwheeher the justice department will 3&"we are rrsolved, s you are, toocommat viollnce involving or directtd at young people,
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and to deal wwth thh ragedies -3 &pbbliefs and stereotypes that serve as the bbais for these press secreeary ssid the e - president wiil ot gett innvlved in potentiil civil rrghts case, nor will e comment on tte juutice deparrmentssinvestigation. peveral ooal pastors plan on george zimmerman. theeverdiit hha prrmptedd rallies across the countty... including ooe right here in bal. bbltimore..undrees of protestors gathered outtide citt all yesterday aaternoon... marcchnn in polidarity with trryyon maatin. they fillee the streets ssdewalk-to-sidewalk.sincc &pits own teenaaerr killed... iicluddng onn after thee rrvees' super bowl parade.some community accivists at the marrinnrally wonndred where teens... and the other 126
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&pccty homicidde already this have african-american kids "we - kids. ww must bb as vehimently & agginsttthht as we are againnt florida."annoine chambers, should bee n outrage to any police officers... innluddng watch n tte protest rowd.see - in missiisippi... aaman sayss-3 afterr skkng if he knew who trayvon martin was.the mmn "a car come up behind him aad asked him directioos then he took two steps towaad the car asked him get it the care, he e &pmakeeanotherrstaatmmnn to him &pstatement they made." made."invessigators say the men ttacked him and leff him alonn the side of a road, where deputies found him.
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dootors treated and relleaedd ggve a good dessrrption of thee &pattackers... leaving olice withoot muchhto go on, bbt phhy are ssill working the case. another fatal shooting in this as breaking eww duuingg our laae-night ewscast last night... 3poliie say it happened in the 200 block f ddeeer place inn weet allimooe.they ell us someone shot an adult male ssvvral timessthe omicide &punit is investigating... no wwrd on any arrrsts this mooning. &pcanton area residents packed night to get theelatest oo the recent string of rrbbeeies and burglarres.poliie sayythe area &pporth of o'donnell quare has thisspast month.a 11-year-old sttte's ttorney, gregg - bernstein, sspke atttte peeting....saying the teee is pq: there are certain... ss - oq: try him as an adult 3
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adultthh suspect apparently posted picture on a viccim's holling a gun... police say he tooo the icture using thh yoo can rack crimiial actiiity in yoor neiggborhood wwth 'spotcrime.'get email alerts when crimeehapppns.log ooto ffx bltimmre dot com and click n spotcrimeein the hht topiis section. the bbllimore idoo - the only - official american idol commetition in maryland! conducc the seaach thiss &psaaurrayat hunttvalley towne centre. auditions beggn at 6 a-m and ffo45 morning news will be theree bringing you thh highlights &phopefuls. ouu day... 3 night trip to boston ann a guaranteed auditiin in producers for their chance o 3
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be oo the next seaaso of the show! visit fox and fficial rules. twinkies mmke their rettrn... hoo it's nutritioo and size me behhiddthe-scenes cost of the anddaanunappetiiing way tt ett snail ssime helps your kin... and where you'll ffnd this uniiue treatment. (((brak 1)) ((bump in)) ñççgú@s?p3
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in japan... some women are
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((trafficcreporter ad liis)) 3 &p3 the view of ""heeview" is
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chaaginggaaain... later... the celebrity who is joininngthe ca. cast.plls, the creme-filledd yelllw cakes arr back... bbt a little different this timee around.we'lllexplain hat'ss bbx... and behiid th scenes. around.we'lllexplain hat'ss bbx... and behiid th scenes. ((break 2)) new york state beaches are back and open for business. with miles of waves to surf. with brand new attractions that will have you screaming for more. fleets of fishing boats to reel in the big one. and more than enough wineries to please every palate. we're ready to make your new york state vacation perfect. there's never been a better time to vacation in long island and new york state beaches.
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plan your vacation at the new state of new york. welcome. sweet treats are back on hee -
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sselves across the countryy.ut as alison kosik explains... snack-cake cooms atta cost.s - cost. 3&it's been 9 months since twinkies dissppeared from -sto now they're baakkbbt nkrrptcy..- unfortunately oo ormer postess wookers - most of the jobs associated with them, are thousand employees working ffr hostess when he companny year.but one snack industry t - pnalyst estimates only 0-25% offthose jobsswill return - factors behhnd tte drramtic decline.""ostess brands" - the new comppny made uu of the two ffrms that bought twinkiee - has a different business odel truck ddiiers to drop off and 3 pompany willlhire outside nnw firms o deliver trailers ffll
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distribution ceeters.on top of thatt almost 600 hostess outlet tores have been permanently shut down... eliminating those positions. and it's also possible the new parret company may invest in huuan for the apparently downsizing too. there's been an uproar among boxes weeghed ii at 15 unccs prior to the bankruutcy, aad are now just 13.5.they'rr not wrong... the cakes have gotttn a companyyrrp says the change was implleented last year beforr hhstess filed or bankkuptcy.i'm alison kosii iinnew york. ttinkiessalss have a longer shelf life... han ever beforee ssipping... which shhuld help wweks.. compaay spokesperson 3 sayy the change will not affect the classic twinkie taste. latest on the country music vis
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p&pluss the iiteeeeting gift former ressdent hhw bush gave to mister obama yesterday. 3((break 3))3
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singer, randy travis is y - and staailized. travissis ake breathing sponttneously ith but docttrs hopeeto have him weannd off sson ann breathing on his own.they say he singer has a condition where his emeegency urgerr to reliive 3 pressure in hhs brain followinn a stroke. 3&" thh view" will have a new ffce at theer famous table. &pjenny mccarthy iisjoining the 40-year-old comedic actress -&
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left empty y coohosts, joy bee-har and elisaaeth hasselbeck. former president george h-w bush returns o he wwite house... with quite the gift in tow for ppesident obamm. for hhs fancy footwear... as you can see in thh pictureehh hundreds oo chhld ppedaaors... now behind bars. five-weekklong of he suspects were ffom &pccrnival has maaeeto improvv safety. 3 a raven is attackeddby a porcupine.the latest on the strange inciient and the
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recovery... tonight oo fox 45 news at 5.3- tuesday, july 16
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marylanddhas had 4 heat pelated deaths so ar his year... utthealtt officials areeworried that number will go up thisswwek. hospittls are repprting illnnsses,,and ttat's before illnnssehe hottest daas coming p this eek. jool d. smith more on the dangers we're facing today,,and some ways to joel . pow hot it is alrraay.


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